What are Shopify's 'Sections Everywhere’

An upcoming feature that we all from the Shopify universe are awaiting passionately for the last two years is Shopify Sections. The reason why this is game changing is because Shopify will now allow you to add, remove and rearrange sections through Shopify theme editor on all pages and not the only home page.

Customise any page, product, collection or blog post on your website with the Sections Anywhere. Easily add your theme's sections, images, video, slideshows or any HTML content to individual pages, products, collections, and even blog posts. With just a few clicks, your store will be sporting fresh content to delight both customers and search engines.

Tell your brand story in cascading, long-form pages with Sections Everywhere for Your Store Identity, detailed product features, related products, size charts, product videos, and beyond. With Sections Everywhere extends the standard content framework of your Theme Editor and allows you to publish rich product storytelling to your store's pages, products, collections and blog posts.


When Shopify announced that sections will now be available on all pages, it was met with loud applause. The customisation that was previously only available on the homepage, can now be implemented anywhere on your Shopify site. Why is this exciting? Because this will allow all pages on your site to be edited and personalised without a single line of code. This is the next step in the evolution of codeless design that gives Shopify store owners even more control over the look and feel of their store. Shopify is truly one of those companies that listen to its customers, so it’s no surprise that this announcement got everyone talking.