We're on a Mission

To delivere maximum possible quality in minimum possible time. That's the way the company was built. Maximizing the offered skillsets to our clients and minimizing the processes.

Bold. Competent. Reliable

This is what happens when you gather talent, common visions, and people with strong individualities, in one place.

About us

We've started just like you, helped friends and family to start their ecommerce businesses. Than we build Praime Studio to help you!

Having over a half decade of commercial experience we understand how the ecommerce world work.

We listen, we understand, we think, we care and most importantly, we stay focused on creating an outstanding ecommerce experience for your business. At Praime, we believe in standing out. We stand out as a great Shopify experts, that deliver the most modern experience in the most humane way.

Our work is focused on creating unique Shopify experience as well as build and integrating custom applications that would enchance your ecommerce.

Who We Are

We are small smart-working team, driven by passion & desire to create, explore & innovate.